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Hey all!

Allow me to introduce myself (My name is HOV!)
NEWAY, I've been through QUITE the hair journey. From relaxers at a young age, press and curls :crybaby:, braids, locs, weaves, ponytails, wigs, perms and finally natural (again), my hair has seen it all and done it all in the past 29 years. My avatar is from the THE BIG CHOP when I cut about 14 inches of locs off about 4 years ago. After growing it out to about shoulder length, pressing it, trying to be natural with all that length-growing frustrated and PERMING IT (:pukeleft:), I'm going through the BC-II after the perm turned my head into a shedding, dry, falling out mess.
Now Im just Big Fro'd again and love it. My hair is a struggle to maintain and I'm super lazy which has caused some major heartache and pain, but I'm stickwithinit until my fro is at epic proportions again.

Right now, I wash about every 3-4 days with Aphogee something or other and deep condition with Rapunzel. I keep it soft and moisturized with Staysof fro (the cream and the spray) when I fro it out. When I want some curl definition, I use Kinky Curly (verdict is still out on that) I would love to play around with my own mixtures, but need some direction.

Thats it. Nice to meet u!

P.S-I'm a straight up 4b with some other textures hanging around. I get some curl definition in the back of my head with a wash out (no product). The sides shrink down to about 50% of length when dry. The front shrinks too, but not as tight as the sides. I get teenie tiny crochet needle sized curls in the exact center of my head and they are surrounded with cloud like hair with no real curl pattern.


  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    Welcome! We are so glad to have you in our community!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • fritzfritz Posts: 1Registered Users
    My name is Alicia. I need help! I am 35 and my hair is wavy. It is more than 50% gray. When I was younger, it was curlier and I am having a hard time navigating the new texture of gray wavy/curly hair. Right now, my hair is cut in a chin length bob and it is angeled in the back. I want to grow it longer, but I am worried about it being too weighted down and not curling up enough. Any one have ideas about using layers. I think my hair is a 2c. It is quite thick. If I twist my hair, it creates a banana curl or medium barrel curl. The hair cut I have now creates a bushy shape.
    Any suggestions about cut and products, I would appreciate it

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