Questions about BKT?

cottoncurl.cottoncurl. Registered Users Posts: 55
I don't really know anyrhing about BKT, so I have some questions!
Is it like a relaxer? Does the rest stay straight and the roots go curly when it grows out?
Can you get it curly or straight? I really would like to try this but I need more info :)
Does it work on super tight hair? :confused2:
Can you get a BKT in Canada?
3c-4a [i think], coarse and normal/low porosity.
re-starting CG method on 08/13/10

co wash : V05 raspberry with chamomile.
condish: HEHH, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition, Live Clean.
leave in,cream cream,gel: LA looks sport gel, still testing leave ins and curl creams.!


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    so you'll probably have to read through the threads a bit or do a simple google search for Brazilian Keratin treatments. It doesn't grow out, it washes out over time :). Good luck!
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    So you know more about it: BKT is short for Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This salon services category was started back in 2005 by one brand, Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and today there are many brands on the salon market. A BKT is a treatment, not a relaxer, and can remove up to 80% of the curl and all the frizz.. but you should not expect the arrow straight look of a relaxer. If your intent is to transition away from conventional relaxers, then a good idea is to give your hair repeated BKT treatments, since each one lies on top of the prior one, and provide better curl control and also great shine to the hair, since this is only a treatment, you can repeat as often as desired. Please make sure that the stylist doing your service consultation is Certified to use the Brand, since the product is only as good as the hands that are doing the application. Certification means that stylist took the time to attend an advanced education class sponsored by the manufacturer of BKT and that stylist learned the correct and precise use of the BKT for professional in-salon use.

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