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Hi all,
New here and just washed with clarifying shampoo for the last time last night. Conditioned with Giovanni and pineappled the hair over night. This morning, I sprayed with a mixture of tresumes natural conditioner and water. Went to work and already got tons of compliments. My hair definitely looks curlier. Not sure what to do now though. Just maybe co-wash in the morning? I also ordered some aloe vera gel which I heard is good. Can anybody recommend some good routines for me? I'm still so new I trying to figure it all out. I have thick, naturally curly hair. I'm worried about my scalp b/c normally if I don't wash it itches and such so I'm hoping the cowash will limit that? So much to learn :)

Thanks all!!! Look forward to chatting with you on here!

And I believe I have 3C hair, coarse texture, and high porosity. If anyone else has this, I'd LOVE to know your routine :)


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