Greetings from the Buckeye State!!

NorthCoastLadyNorthCoastLady Posts: 230Registered Users
Hey gals and guys. =)

38 year old curly/wavy/frizzy here in NE Ohio. I've actually been a lurker for a month and into the CG routine for about a week and a half! I'm loving the results so hair is much, much healthier (although still a bit too frizzy for my tastes). Before I started no 'poo, I suffered from horrible dry, itchy, scaly scalp all year 'round but that particular issue has cleared up completely!!!!

I have lots and lots of very fine textured highly porous hair that is still deciding what "type" it really is: "I'm wavy..NO..,no...oh, heck, I'll just wave in some spots and curl in others." My CG routine has been a co-wash a few times a week with White Rain energizing citrus condish with a egg and olive oil DT as needed. My eventual goal is to make all of my hair products right here in the kitchen 'cause it's fun. ;)

Like many of you curlies here, I suffered from a vicious sulfate/silicone cycle o' doom that usually ended up in a major haircut (to get rid of the damage). This website and forum has just been....a ray of light and hope in the bittersweet story of My Hair. (dramatic,huh? heehee!)

I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to posting pics on the web but they'll get there eventually. ;)
we just got back from a vacation so the hair is still in recovery anyway and not fit to be photographed!!

Looking forward to being here!
2a in the front/sides, 2b in the back.
Highly porous, dry, fine, low elasticity
Currently experimenting- I'm on a mission to eventually use all homemade products for my hair!
CG since July '10.
co-wash with White Rain Energizing Citrus
Using coconut oil on ends nightly
styling with aloe vera gel
DT once a week with mayo, egg, olive oil.
Focusing on scalp and hair health first, then length.


  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hi, fellow Buckeye! There's a few of us from NE Ohio here: Scrills and I, plus another gal I haven't seen in a while.

    Welcome to NC ---- glad to have you.

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