Overly affectionate toddler

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My daughter will be two years old next month and she is one of the most sweetest little girls I know. When we're out and about, she makes conversation with adults we don't know and sometimes will request a kiss. Other times, when she sees other kids, she'll run over and give them hugs and kisses.

But today we were out and she approached two, separate children and their faces conveyed annoyance and a breach of personal space. Both children had to be about four/five years old.

Is it too early to start teaching my daughter about being safe around strangers and being cautious with boundaries? I was thinking (especially with other kids) of telling her, "It doesn't look like she wants to be hugged" or "It doesn't look like he wants to talk", when other children show disapproval of her approach.

It's wonderful that she is so full of love, and I don't want to crush that spirit. But some people are not open to receiving it ... no matter what age they are.

What do you all think?


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    Good question. I want to know, too. My little 2.5 y/o asks everyone we see out, "What's your name?!"

    If someone else is w/ the person, he wants to know the name of everyone there.

    Usually people answer him. But sometimes people won't. And he just keeps asking. Like nonstop! LOL

    I grew up in "never talk to strangers" 1970/80s NYC, circa Adam Walsh and Eton Patz' deaths. That kept me safe but didn't make me an especially friendly child! How do you strike the balance??
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    My daughter has talked to everyone for as long as she has been able to talk. Before that, she made eye contact and waved. She just likes people.

    I draw the line at touching ANYONE she doesn't know (obviously adults, but kids, too) because for every kid like mine who LOVES THE WORLD, there's another kid who freaks out if someone so much as looks at them so they certainly don't need random barnacle kid coming up and invading their space. I certainly redirect her from talking to others if they seem disinterested or outright annoyed.
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    Both my kids are very friendly also. Like CGNYC, I remind them to keep their hands to themselves, but I don't really stop them from talking, waving, greeting other people verbally.
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    I think it would be fine to tell her gently in a friendly tone that so-and-so probably doesn't want to be touched. We had an experience like that with a little boy at the mall play area today. He was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life, but when he hugged Ethan, he of course burst into tears. :? :lol:
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    Can we get all our friendly kids together? Seriously. Harry tried to play with an older boy at the park yesterday and got punched in the stomach.

    H has some delays and has trouble socially, but he is SO outgoing and friendly. He just doesn't quite know how to connect and doesn't read social cues. I try to be a buffer when I can, but this time DH (also a bit clueless on these things) was with him and missed the exchange leading up to the punch.
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    omg that's awful, poor little guy!
  • mad scientistmad scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,530 Curl Neophyte
    OMG. Poor little guy!

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