good CG friendly mousse?

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What's a good CG friendly mousse you would recommend?
Some 2b in the back, mostly (using FIA) 2c/F/iii.

Fine hair, normal porosity, and normal elasticity.

I'm still new to this CG stuff, so ANY tips you could give me are appreciated. :)

I have Celiac Disease, which means I can't eat or use products with wheat in it.

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  • amberdmamberdm Posts: 37Registered Users
    I like Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly mouse. It doesn't make my hair hard or crunchy, however I put it on wet hair before I go to bed so I'm sure that helps take out some of the crunch. The next AM I just spritz some H2O on my hair and it reactivates the HH TMS. The nice thing about this product is it's less than $5 so if you don't like it then you aren't out major bucks! Check local drug and department stores for sales. I bought a bottle two weeks ago at Target for $2.50!
    -Amber, SC
    type 2b/c, thick and wavy; modified CG routine; use a low-poo 2 or 3 times a week and cone free conditioner; currently
    experimenting with different types of products

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