DD has a milk and soy intolerance

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She did not test + for an allergy, but she has a definite intolerance. Since the test for allergy we have given her bits of dairy/soy here and there without problems (piece of cheese, a little ice cream ect.)

I started her introduction to milk this past week since all was going well. I did a ratio of 1 oz milk and 3 oz of formula and 1 oz BM.

Her stools are hard and she is cranky/clingy (something she never is) thus making me think it is the milk. I have an intolerance where I can have milk in small qualities or processed, such as cheese, and I think she has the same issue.

So, Soy milk and Whole Milk are out...what alternatives do you use??

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    The advantages of milk (soy and/or dairy) is that they are a convenient source of fat and calcium.

    If she is able to eat yogurt and cheese and you give her a multivitamin, then she should be fine without milk. Karan gave up milk when he gave up his bottle at 18 months. He hasn't had a drop since. But he is a yogurt-o-holic and has always had a good balanced diet.

    Sandhya's diet is completely dairy-free and soy-free because of allergies. I weaned her onto hypoallergenic formula at about 18 months which she drank until age 2 because it was hard to ensure the right amount of calcium and fat in her diet from other sources. If you can stick to formula for now, that's your best bet. You may not even need to do hypoallergenic since lots of dairy/soy intolerant kids can handle formula. If she doesn't like the taste, add some strawberry quik (that's what we did).

    Now Sandhya drinks rice milk, but not much. Rice milk is not recommended for younger children because it doesn't have enough fat (its like skim milk). Its more of a water alternative than a milk alternative.
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    Coconut milk! It is fabulously full of fat and protein. Definitely on the expensive side, but it is also quite rich so it would be easy to water down a bit.
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    Unfortunately no great advice, as I think we're heading in the same direction. Ava's definitely intolerant to milk protein. She even reacted to the broken down proteins in Alimentum after a few weeks. She's on soy right now, although she has her first pediatric GI appointment in a week, so who knows what they will say. I put her on soy myself when faced with a pediatrician who sort of said, "I don't know!" and a month long wait to see the specialist. I know lots of MPI (milk protein intolerant) babies are actually MSPI babies (milk and soy protein intolerant) but so far she seems okay. I don't like her being on soy honestly, and it is more constipating, but at this point and her age, there's not too many alternatives other than amino acid formula.

    I would say she could be reacting to the little bit of milk you're giving her though. They're certainly all different. Its such a guessing game isn't it? :dontknow:
    I would think, like someone else mentioned, if she can tolerate yogurt and cheese, do those and a vitamin and maybe rice or almond or coconut milk and she should be fine. She's close to a year old, so I'm sure she's probably eating lots of foods now and getting a variety of nutrients there. The general "rule" of thumb is what? Formula/BM should be the main source of nutrition the first year and after that, food should be? So she's close to a year. Good luck!!!
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    How about Almond milk? My daughter is allergic to dairy and has a strong dislike of soy milk. Almond milk is next on my list of things to try. I was just looking at the label of a rice milk carton today and it says, "not recommended for children under 5."

    ETA: She really likes coconut milk yogurt. But she's still not eating much of it. Maybe a couple of tablespoons of it.
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    There's really no need for any kind of milk or milk alternative once she's eating a decent amount of solids. Plenty of vegan babies/children/people get everything they need without dairy. I would keep doing formula until you feel she's getting enough solids, and then just make sure her diet is as well-rounded as possible.
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    I didn't read the responses, just the OP - so here's my info.

    D1 has a huge dairy intolerance - that was the big one that had me looking at autism for an explanation for her behavior. There were others, but her dairy intolerance was the big one. She craved milk like a drug, and acted very calm, almost euphoric, if she was constantly drinking milk, but it would send her into a whirlwind that I couldn't control.

    Yes clingy, and whiney. Absolutely can not listen. No that she DOESN'T listen, but it's as if her brain is misfiring the connections and she can't process stuff. She loses communication. She can talk, but she has difficulty communicating, and can't process the thoughts into words, which gets her incredibly frustrated and causes her to act out. Then the frustration gets so out of control she goes into a fit, sometimes emotional, sometimes angry.

    Kids can grow and be very healthy without dairy. There are many alternatives. We only buy Almond Milk. The rest are just gross. Almond Milk comes in vanilla and chocolate too. Both girls love it. The containers at Trader Joes are way cheaper than the grocery store sells them for. We go through lots of Tropicana Vitamin D and Calcium OJ. We eat lots of veggies.

    Yogurt and ice cream are big no nos too. And Mac & Cheese. She usually doesn't want cheese, so it doesn't end up being much of an issue.

    We buy dairy free ice cream. I occasionally allow mac & cheese, or pizza, but I limit one at a time, maybe once a week, if at all.

    It takes 3 days for the dairy to clear their system if it causes behavior problems. Day 2 is usually a very tired day, day 3 is usually a very weepy day (cries over everything) and then it's over.

    I also give her acidophillus (probiotics) supplements daily. It helps her process things in her digestive system that she usually has problems with. She also has some IBS issues, which is also a characteristic of autism. She's usually either constipated, or has very loose stools. The probiotics help that a lot, and sometimes she gets backed up and I give her a pediatric stool softener. I can tell where she's at by her behavior.

    It can tend to back them up at times, and you don't necessarily notice because they're still able to do some bm's, just nothing really productive.

    If you have any more questions, or want to run anything by me, feel free to pm me about it. These are part of the things I've discovered in the ridiculous amounts of research I've done on the subject.
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    medussa wrote: »
    How about Almond milk? My daughter is allergic to dairy and has a strong dislike of soy milk. Almond milk is next on my list of things to try. I was just looking at the label of a rice milk carton today and it says, "not recommended for children under 5."

    ETA: She really likes coconut milk yogurt. But she's still not eating much of it. Maybe a couple of tablespoons of it.

    We use Almond milk in our house and they love it. We usually buy the vanilla flavored kind. They say it tastes like a [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/CURLS-Curls-Milkshake-p-884.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=Curls-Curls-Milkshake]milkshake[/buylink] :)
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    Pixie - DH and DS both drink a lot of milk. I want to have an alternative for her to drink. I also do not want her to drink too much juice and she is not a fan of water.

    mad scientist - Honestly, the price of Alumentum is killing us right now. We are paying around 300-400 a month in formula b/c she drinks so much (yes, she has drank 60 oz's of formula in one day). On top of DS's pediasure at $100 a month (which we are working on insurance to pay for). She is definitely my eater and I know I can get solids into her (She eats anything you give to her) and make sure she has a solid diet (she already eats more than DS).

    Iroc - thanks so much that info was great!

    where do I get coconut milk yogurt?

    Rhe - it is a crazy ride, the poor thing loves to eat and I am always limiting her diary products. She seriously eats ANYTHING (which I also account to the fact I have always given her table foods)--I will keep you updated for when you transition Ava.

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  • medussamedussa Registered Users Posts: 12,993
    deezee02 wrote: »
    where do I get coconut milk yogurt?

    Try your local health food store. Stop n Shop sells it too. Target sells the Almond milk. I got the vanilla flavored one yesterday and my daughter took 2 sips, put the bottle down and crawled away. I'm going to try and mix it in with some cereal.

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