Stupid question about vitamins

I went to GNC today to get some more multi-vitamins and decided to try the Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins that everyone here seems to like. My question is, to those who are using these vitamins, do you take them *instead* of a multi-vitamin or *in addition to*??? I don't want to overdo it as taking too much of some vitamins can be harmful but I really do want to try these to see if it helps my hair growth. Please let me know and thanks in advance! :D
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  • SmallFrySmallFry Registered Users Posts: 614
    I also take GNC Ultra NourishHair. And I take a multivitamin and calcium. I haven't had any problems so far.
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    I take the nourishair and a multi . As a matter of fact when I went to buy the Nourishair the person that helped me asked me if I was taking a multi as it was recommened to take both.

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