Feeding kids in the heat

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Can we share some ideas? It's been very hot here the last week or so. Yesterday was so bad we kind of OD'd on sugar (popsicles, etc.) and fruit. The result was H being up until 10 PM, wired and N getting a diaper rash. Ugh. Here are some of our hot weather favorites.

Cucumber (great dipped in hummus!)
Cold meats (roasted chicken or deli turkey)
Cold beans
Toddler trail mix (dried fruit snacks mixed with Cherrios, yogurt bites and broken graham crackers)
Yogurt (frozen tubes are a favorite)
Crackers and cheese (cream cheese is a fav, or hummus)
Cold pasta salad
Frozen veggies (only N will eat this)

I try to get a decent sized breakfast into them (eggs or some oatmeal) and then let them kind of pick the rest of the day. We give OJ at breakfast (calcium fortified, since they dont' drink milk) Lemonade as a treat and water otherwise. Sometimes I fill a snack cup with crushed ice and let them play/eat it.

I'd love to hear what you guys do. I'm kind of running out of steam. I hope this breaks soon.
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    Egg salad
    Tuna salad
    Potato salad
    Chips and dips
    Homemade pico da gallo
    Tomato slices
    Pasta salad

    I make my hardboiled eggs and potato salad early morning or late at night and in big batches. Pasta salad too.

    I push ice water all day long. Kids will drink it if it's the only option. My son can only have sugar in small amounts so Popsicles, juice, and cool-aid are limited.

    Oh just remembered we love frozen grapes.

    Fruit smoothies are fun too.
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    Frozen bananas are fabulous, DS loves them!
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    OperaDiva wrote: »
    Frozen bananas are fabulous, DS loves them!

    Great idea for my 7-month-old. Whenever I have too many bananas that are about to go bad I cut them up and freeze them for smoothies, but I never like the smoothies made from frozen bananas.... texture's all wrong. DS2 likes bananas but they get so mushy in his little hands, and then slippery so he can't hold on. I recently made some breastmilk/banana popsicles for him (in an ice cube tray) which he LOVED.

    My kids don't eat much in general yet, but DH and I have been smoothie-crazy lately. We do green smoothies so we get veggies in our smoothies too. I'll do fresh kale or spinach, sometimes carrots, juice or milk, sometimes yogurt, banana, frozen berries, and sometimes flax seed meal. Today I actually experimented with adding some blanched slivered almonds, but I've done peanut butter before too. You can really sneak a lot of nutrition into a smoothie.
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    my child didn't get the memo about eating cold/lighter foods when it's hot. it's nearly 100 degrees today and she wanted hot soup for lunch. :shock:
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    We do a lot of smoothies during the summer around here. Frozen grapes are good. Lots of sandwiches with deli meats. My son loves grape tomatoes. Baby carrots with different dips.
    And I second the frozen bananas. Freezing changes the texture to like a creamy consistency so it's like eating banana flavored ice cream. Yum!

    If we want something "cooked" we'll just fire up the grill and cook it outside. I've roasted a whole chicken on the grill.
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