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My libido is just not the same especially this past year. Hubby and I still have sex twice a week, but he would probably like more (I'm 53 and he's 51). I read in O magazine that Ginko Biloba helps with libido. I started taking it about two weeks ago and honestly, it seems like it's helping. I don't feel the "urge" really to have more sex, but when I do have it I am enjoying it again. Here's a littel information on it. I bought mine at a health food store.


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    My libido is way down too. I haven't dated in over 2 years & I really have no desire or the energy. A friened of mine told me to try a good sexy novel or a porn movie. I think I may be beyond a pill. It doesn't help that I have gained 10 lbs so I'm not feeling real sexy right now. I am still wearing my g-strings, tho'. :lol:
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