Is it possible to be a 2b and 3a combo?

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I looked at the celebrity pix and hair is wavy in the sense that the roots hang down and not away from my head....but starting about 2 inches down from the root my hair seems a bit more curly (more like a 3a I think)

my hair tends to frizz but also has problems with the curls getting droopy and long (and not staying all tight and curly)...having a hard time finding a product that fights the frizz w/out making the drooping worse
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    I think I'm this combo too. My hair isn't always as curly as 3a and it loses curl at the slightest thing so I can't be a true 3a but, its not thick like a 2c so....2b/3a.
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    I certainly believe so. I think I have a combo of 2a-3a. I get S-type waves on the left, back, and back right side of my head; big, loopy, look-like-I've-used-a-wide-barrel-curling-iron on the left side that frames my face; I also get spirals underneath the canopy and on the right side framing my face.

    Hair can have some pretty odd varieties.
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    Definitely. In it's natural state or even with some leave-in conditioner, my hair is more wavy. Straight at the roots and down for a couple of inches, then goes into waves. Then, depending on the products and style of drying, I can get ringlets, curls, waves, and spirals all at the same time :shock: :lol: !
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