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right now my hair looks like a christmas tree and i'm just wonder what type of hair cut i should get. I have almost all my hair the same length with it curly its a few inches over my shoulders. i have 2c hair i think


  • moo49moo49 Posts: 118Registered Users
    Have you thought of getting a curly bob? or getting it layered? thinned?
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    you should definately look into getting a cut special for curly hair (like a deva cut or ouidad cut) or just someone who knows how to work with your curly hair, because it will definately enhance your curls. getting layers is important if you want to avoid the triangle look! but dont get your hair thinned, it will give you a lot of frizz - a look we curlies want to avoid! ^.^
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    a good chop every once in a while always brings life back to the hair. basically just get layers, the shortest one should be right under your chin. you can also get a cut, once it's longer, that there's a noticeable difference from the shortest layer (under de chin) and the longest(the hair you have at the bottom tends to be straighter then the one on top, so it still looks like you have long hair, just with more volume on top). girls in my school, straight haired mostly, have this cut, but I think it flatters wavy/curly too. I like it on me. Though I need another cut 'cause it grew and now it looks sorta flat. I just really like volume XD
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