Intimidation at salons?

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I waited a month before writing a post about my bad haircut experiences. I relocated to Washington, D.C. area from the Midwest. I received three bad (and expensive) haircuts from three different salons, where most of the stylists did not speak English very well.

I finally found a salon that advertised "British" style, and they actually had a Deva trained stylist who cut my hair dry and somehow managed to repair the damage. I will write a glowing review about that.

I need some sympathy. I went into the third salon, and the hair stylist was just rude to me. She told me she was from Turkey, but I don't see what difference that makes to me. I brought in photographs. I explained what I wanted. She told me that I didn't have curly hair, that I had baby-fine hair. I don't know why I didn't leave. She gave me a flyer and kept trying to sell this $250 Brazilian keratin treatment to straighten my hair. Well, if I don't have curly hair then why do I need to straighten it? She then took out thinning sheers. Hello, if I have baby fine hair, why would she use thinning sheers?

She ruined my hair and gave me the worst haircut I've had in years. The thinning sheers cause little fly-away hairs. She then used some thick pommade to try to flatten out the fly-aways.

Luckily, since it's summer, my Deva cut from the last salon I went to is really cute, even though it's a little past my collar, medium length, and three hair cuts ago, I started out with long hair past my shoulders.

I was afraid to speak up because the stylists spoke English as a second language, and I felt intimidated in a way I haven't before. It's hard to explain. I didn't want to appear like I was looking down on them because they didn't speak English well. Yet, at the same time, I felt these stylists were very rude to me! One even told me that everyone wanted hair like those from South America.

Has anyone else had this experience?

I don't want to turn this into a post that bashes stylists who don't speak English well. But I tried three times and had terrible results myself.
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    Consider the following Struttswife has on this site, and see the following a talented, understanding, and smart stylist earns. I don't understand why so many stylists have such bad attitudes.

    Nor why we as women continue to put up with it.
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    I know what you mean! Man I went to go get my hair done at a dominican salon b.c I wanted a blowout and the lady washed my hair then took out this towel and just attacked my hair with it and then she killed my hair with a brush and blow dried my hair and basically burned my scalp THEN she continued to tell me that my hair had split ends and was burnt and I had a terrible haircut. A. I do not have split ends I got a haircut two weeks ago B. My hair was "burnt" because she didn't know how to blow dry my hair and C. My hair was in layers thats obviously why it wasn't on length.. AND THEN she cut my hair without my permission IT WAS TERRIBLE. Now Im stuck with the worst hair I've ever had. So I definetly feel for you, Hairdressers shouldn't be inconsiderate or rude. I guess its just about finding the right one.
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    I had an experience like that today. It wasn't even a language barrier or anything, she was just really rude! There was quite an age gap (I am 19, she was 37) she kept treating me like a kid! She was also acting like I didn't know anything about how to do my hair. I didn't tip her to say the least, and I won't be back.... I hate when people think they're allowed to be disrespectful just because I'm young. Worst pet peeve ever.
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    i went to get my hair trimmed (TRIMMED!) and ended up with hair that is now about 3 inches shorter. i was trying really hard to grow out my hair and i thought a trim might help with the growth, there are absolutely no stylists in my town that know how to cut curly hair so i just went to some salon. i got stuck with a stylist who had naturally stick straight hair, i liked her because she was really friendly and complimented my hair alot, but then she started cutting. she wet it and brushed it :( then 'trimmed' it. so i went from almost apl hair to collar bone hair.
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    Thanks for the comments although I feel bad for anyone with a bad salon experience.
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    Really sorry to hear about all your unfortunate hair experiences. I now go to student training centres (Cosmetology schools) whenever I need a trim. Before anyone is allowed to touch my hair, I carefully explain to the trainer exactly what I want done. The trainer then watches over the service like an eagle eyed hawk. Considerably cheaper (although it does take longer) and have almost always ended up with an excellent result. Maybe something to consider.

    All the best from downunder!


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