Need advice for VERY curly baby

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By 6 month old has TONS of hair and tons of curls. It is now starting to tangle and get very hard to seperate. I am looking for a tear free formula for a curly baby shampoo and conditioner. Can I also do a leave in for the baby or is 6 months too young? Thanks!
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    burt's bees makes a tear free shampoo bar for babies. at that age i made sure i used natural or organic shampoo and conditioner on my little one. her hair seemed to like kiss my face conditioners when she was an infant.
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    I too made sure I used only natural or organic shampoos on my boys hair at that age. I haven't used a leave in that young but I was using Kinky-Curly Knot Today to detangle my 14month old's started to tangle more as it grew.
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    I agree with the previous answers :) Use whatever you want, but make sure that the ingredients are good. You don't want to be putting icky stuff on your baby every day! Especially so young.

    I'd check out Suki's list of ingredients to avoid - as well as input every single ingredient on a product you want to buy, into the cosmetics database to check it's toxicity level.
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    I'd just like to mention that tear-free is a marketing term. Shampoos that say tear-free are comprised of milder cleansers, but there is no standard for tear-free. You can find out more about that here.

    Although you certainly don't have to use products for children, there are several great lines that make products specifically for curly kiddos. It's a Curl from Curls is a natural, gentle line as is Blended Beauty's Blended Cutie. Original Sprout is another line to check.

    While the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database can be a resource for looking up ingredients, it's wise to take their ratings with a huge grain of salt. In many scientific circles, EWG's Skin Deep database is considered inaccurate and alarmist, with ratings based on questionable studies. Here is a Beauty Brains article about the database with a good example of how studies can be skewed to support an agenda.


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