I'm having trouble determining my hair type and a routine suitable for my hair

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So basically, I brush out all knots in the shower, let my hair form 'tentacle' like clumps with the running water, rinse with cold water and let air dry for 5-10 mins. I then whack in some mousse and let my hair do what it wants. How can I improve my curl? It doesn't form well at the back and looks 'kinky' towards the roots.


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    First of all, though hair type doesn't really matter.. if you're getting some kind of "kink" then you're probably in the 3's.. but that's all I can say from you gave me.

    Second, what are you unsatisfied with about your hair? The kinky parts? Dryness? Clumping? Something different?

    There are different ways to combat all of these, but I think we need more information before any of us (NC members) can give you more specific advice.
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    I'm not really satisfied with the kinks i get at the back, i have no idea how to loosen them. The top layers of my hair are generally tighter curls than the bottom
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    I recommend putting gel in while you hair is still very wet. I rinse out my conditioner with cold water last thing when I'm in the shower, get out and lean over the tub while I scrunch my hair a couple times so it's not soaking, then put gel in and scrunch it more. I'm not sure how this would work with mousse, which you said you use.... I haven't used mousse in awhile. But with gel, I find this technique really helps my curls hold their shape and be a lot more uniform all over.
    Best of luck! You're really pretty, by the way. :)
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    thanks very much :)
    that method DID work and i'm very pleased!
    thank you thank you thank you!

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