Haircuts for toddler girls w/curls

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Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted here, and my daughter will be two years old in a few months. She is mixed (black/white) with short hair that is slowly growing in.

I am wondering if it's reasonable to get her hair trimmed to help it grow in more evenly and neater. What do you think? I'll be going out to purchase a satin cap because the back of her hair is really dry and frizzy, plus it's not growing in as good as the rest. And I just stopped the use of baby shampoo (currently using Carol's Daughters products) and I use leave-in conditioner. I wash my dd's hair every two days, because I find that it doesn't smell too fresh if it goes any longer than that.

Enough rambling already! Should I get her a haircut or what?


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    She is super cute! I personally would not get her a haircut. My daughters hair was a little uneven when she was younger and eventually it evened out.

    As far as it not smelling too fresh, can you just add some more leave-in conditioner, or maybe just cowash? Also be sure to moisturize the back of her hair a little more than the rest since it dries out quicker.

    Good luck!
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    Well the master has spoken already :) lol! (Hi Nikki!) But I was just going to jump in to say too, that if it were me, I'd let her just grow it out for awhile before cutting it. She's a little doll, by the way!! :D

    As for the back - oh my do I know what you are talking about!! Q's hair is/was exactly the same way! Every morning when she'd wake up it was a matted mess. I seriously contemplated dreadlocks because it seemed like that's what it wanted!! But instead I would just spray her hair with water every morning and gently gently get all the tiny little knots out. Then (hair soaking wet) I cover her curls in Shea Butter. I find it works pretty well and I feel confident that I'm not leaving a bunch of chemicals on her young little head.

    Q is almost 2 as well :) and now that her hair is getting longer (braiding is possible!) it's not *quite* as matted anymore. It helps if I braid it before she goes to sleep. and she has a satin pillowcase and carseat cover (which the cover doesn't work as well as I had hoped - need to try new satin) but I think the pillowcase is doing a good job. I haven't tried getting her to leave a sleep cap on yet (I doubt she would at this point) but probably will as she gets older.

    Good luck! If you feel like it you can check out Q's blog at - it's all about the stuff I'm learning about curls. and I enjoy coming up with new styles every now and then :)

    oh, one more thing :) I "wash" Q's hair really really infrequently! I rinse and massage it with water in between though. I notice a slight smell, too, sometimes that isn't the "cleanest" smelling, but her hair looks great and so I don't worry about it too much. I try to stay away from all shampoo (still experimenting) but when I have used it I like Aubrey Organics Baby Shampoo.
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  • SimbathekatSimbathekat Registered Users Posts: 140
    Thanks ladies! I'll stick with your methods and see what happens with her hair growth and texture. :happy6:
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    Hi again :) I hope things are going well! I just had to come back and say that even though I wasn't sure the satin covers on Q's pillowcase and carseat were doing a Whole lot of good (I knew they were some tho) ... well we went on vacation for 2 weeks and didn't bring either cover.... AHHHHH!

    Let me tell you - I'm a new convert completely! Satin (and maybe silk would work, too? haven't tried that) is WONDERFUL! It may not get rid of all the tangles, but after 2 weeks without it, I can promise you I won't be doing that again on purpose!! WOW!
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    Check out my Natural Hair Care and Styles blog at :toothy4: The model and "Curly Girl" is 2 years old now!!

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