I did the BC! But no curls???

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My hair is curly. 3c/4a. Why when I do the BC, the curls just disappear? LOL I'm trying not to cry, but I had about 2 inches of New Growth that were curls, and now they wont form. YEEK! any advice? And yes, I put product in it.
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    I have a different hair type to you...more 3a, but I experienced the same thing when I chopped my hair off. I'd always had atleast some curl at my roots and after the cut, it wasn't the same.

    After lurking around nc.com I came to the conclusion that my curls really needed the length in order to form properly, and that my hair was likely "shocked" after such a dramatic cut. It's been nearly two months since then and my curls have bounced back DRAMATICALLY in the past few weeks especially.

    Perhaps your curls just need some time to grow out and adjust?
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    I was always under the impression curl formation started from the bottom of the curl. So, cutting the curl in the right spot helps the curl to curl more.
    Need some curl experts to help out on this one!
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    The straight hair could have weighed the natural curls down making them more noticeable. If your hair is only two inches long, then you may need more length before the curls are visible again. Is the hair straight, frizzy, dry or moisturized?
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    My hair is the same way, which is why I keep it long. Whenever I've cut it, no more curls! It has to be long enough for the curl to form. I think only those with the smaller tighter curls can still have curls with short hair.
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