Braids for waves?

My hair used to be very thick and wavy, but hormonal changes and then MORE hormonal changes with PCOS have given it only a slight wave pattern now - think calm ocean waves. I miss my waves and am thinking about doing some braids at night to get waves in the morning. I used to do this in 8th grade but got frustrated at my straight ends. Does anyone do braids? How do you get your ends wavy? I try to take the braid to the very bottom but my rubber bands end up falling out at night. :( Any tips/ideas?
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    I'm mostly just bumping this. I know some wavies have tried the braids, but I'm not sure how much success they have had.
    IMHO, I think a better plan would be to do a flat twist out as opposed to braids. You can search youtube to find out how to do this, but it is essentially a two strand french braid. With a twist out, the hair keeps twisting in one direction and you don't get the hard corners you get with braids. I tried a flat twist out with 3 twists once on my thin hair. I think 3 or 4 is a good place to start. The more twists the tighter the waves. I have an ear length bob and my results were *meh*, but I think this will work on someone else's hair.
    I believe the way people deal with the ends is to set them in pincurls.
    I'll add a link to the bun set. It gives hair loose waves and you may be looking for a tighter set. I thought I'd add the link just in case. Don't start this set with wet hair or it will never dry.

    You may want to try a setting lotion for hold if you find you need it. Some will need it, some won't. I'd guess you may not since you still have some waves to begin with. I hear good things about lottabody from sally beauty.

    Good Luck. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    I do 6 braids (part down the middle then 3 on each side) and roll the ends with a soft roller (foam or anything you might find comfortable).
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    I can braid to get more organized waves, or could when my hair was all one length. Not french braids, just braids. Didn't put anything at the bottom and the ends curled themselves. If yours do not, I think you could just roll them like the previous poster said, and use the roller at the end to hold the braid together while you were at it.

    But once dry and unbraided, these waves could not be touched at all or they turned into that crimped frizzy look. The braids themselves looked pretty cool since they were very long.

    Also, I didn't realize it while it was happening, but I also got smooth loose waves from the one long braid that I wore all week most weeks when growing out the hair. I thought it was just that my hair got straighter as the week went on, but that doesn't really happen now so I guess it was the braiding.
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    Here is my french braid out:

    It was still slightly damp. I had better results when I did 2 french braids. I'll try to post the other pictures later.
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