Anyone knows where I can get Bouncy Creme? I live in Holland

joleengerritsjoleengerrits Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi There!

I'm all through my Bouncy Creme from Iso. Years ago I ordered it from the US. But now I see that the shipping prices are way higher than the product itself! Does anyone know a site that charges lower shipping costs. Or an other way to get my hand on some Bounce Creme??? I live in the Netherlands.

Thanx for advice...
Greetings Joleen.


  • doriadoria Registered Users Posts: 25
    Hi :lol:

    Im in Holland also and was wondering if anyone knows a place to get Tigi products. I do not know anything about bouncy curls sorry :( I am American and hate the fact that I can not find 90% of the hair products the States has. I wish they had some type of Sallys here :( Im in Rotterdam area. Oh one thing I considered was ordering from u.k so maybe check that out the shipping should be cheaper but there is that money conversion rate.......

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