what to do for coloring my hair?!

sarah_birdsarah_bird Registered Users Posts: 2
okay, so
my hair is naturally light brown.
about a year ago, i dyed it dark brown.
the a few months ago i colored my bangs
and a little bit of the top layer burgundy.

now, i really want to put some blue or pink
or colorful color streaks in it!
but, im not sure what to do.
i'll have it done professionally,
but should i take out the burgundy or leave it?
and what color should i put it??

im not sure what to do, but your help would be very much appreciated :D tahnk you.


  • CurlyToastCurlyToast Registered Users Posts: 579
    I think blue or pink would look awesome *with* the burgundy -- most especially the pink, but then I just love love love pink with violet-toned reds :D

    A light, tonal purple-y color would also be pretty killer.
  • sarah_birdsarah_bird Registered Users Posts: 2
    ooh that does sound good..
    the only problem i had with the burgundy,
    is that i have *very* fair skin, so the
    reddish-purpley color kind of washed me out
    even more..but im still thinking about going
    with your idea, and seeing how it goes.
    thanks fer the advice XD

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