Signs of protein sensitivity / loss?

Im a 3bwith hair that is frizzy, dry and limp. Can some sort of protien sensitivity or loss be causing this? Or do you have another theory? I use Yes to Cucumbers conditioner and I can't remember the gel but I know its -cone free. I blow dry hair low with diffuser pixiecurl method. Thas isnt causing the frizz. this frizz dry crunchy hair is driving my crazy! Im not sure what to do.

ps this happend pretty suddenly when i started cg it was great now something changed!


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    One of the first rules in the CG method is no heat...It takes time for your hair to adjust to the new routine as it finds its true shape. One way to help with the dull hair and frizzy curl is to rinse with ACV followed by a Lavender mist. Often times the conditioner we think is good for our hair is not and after a while builds up on the shaft making it dull and seemingly thin or stringy. Try going a while without any product of any kind in a bottle and go natural. Try and use Aloe..Aloe is a natural hydrating and conditioning therapy. Rinse your hair in warm water apply 1tbl of aloe gel to your hair depending on the length. (use the ediable type you have to refrigerate) gently massage scalp bring it slowly and gentle down the length of your hair then rinse in luke warm water followed with a cool water rinse to seal the cuticle of the hair shaft this helps prevent frizzy dull lifeless hair. Good luck!
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    You don't have your hair traits listed. You may want to determine you texture and porosity. You can look for a thread by that name on the Newby Forum started by Struttswife, or go to her website: and read there. Her ebook is a good investment--it will help you to determine the types of ingredients to look for in products based on texture and porosity. If you hair is fine, you may need to do regular protein treatments.

    Look for people with hair similar to yours and see what they are using/doing. Most of us have their products in our signature.

    I never used hair products, other then shampoo/conditioner, until almost three years ago. As a result, my hair went from winter wavy/summer curly to looking like my signature picture every day. My hair prefers the more natural products. I wet, style and use low/med heat every day--as many of us do. It's a matter of choice. If I didn't, my hair wouldn't dry for a LONG time.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
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    Is your hair fine, coarse, or medium texture? Depending on that, if it's fine or you have high porosity, you may need a protein treatment. If it's coarse or you have low porosity, you may need a deep treatment - more moisture.

    I've used the YTC conditioner, and I liked it at first, but then it made my hair feel kind of heavy and greasy. You may need to switch your products to something else. I tend to rotate shampoos and conditioners all the time because too much of one doesn't always work for me.
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