How do I convince a friend to go curly?

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Well, for me the transition to the CG was a snap, my hair's never looked better and I LOVE it. Sadly however, not everyone finds it so simple. I have several naturally curly friends who refuse to stop relaxing their hair, even after they see the great results I've gotten, or how much I insist that they'll look good themselves.

So I ask you, how can I convince a stubbornly straight friend to try and unleash her inner curl? In most circumstances, a good piece of advice would be to try and convert them the way I was converted, but with me, I simply saw "Never use shampoo again" and was sold. :lol:

Also, my own boyfriend has long, naturally curly hair that look incredibly awesome, but he insists on straightening it out as well. but his case is different, because I don't know what hair advice to give him, and all the curlyhair care related things I can find are on women's hair...So other than ditching the Shampoo and hair dryer I don't know what to tell him. Help, anyone?
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    You cant convince anyone to go curly. It's a personal choice. They need to see and appreciate the benefits and truly want it for themselve. Transitioning from relaxed to natural is not easy. And some women like myself managed to have relaxed hair as well. I just like having my natural curls. I have a couple of friends that relax their hair and its a matter of convenience, and comfort. But most importantly personal choice.
    I still blowdry in the winter. And I still shampoo, once a week (only 1 or 2 shampoos) with a very mild shampoo, but I started out like you. Still my hair hasnt looked better. like EVER!

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    I wouldn't. I wouldn't and haven't tried to convince any of my friends to go curly. I believe this is something that you have to WANT for yourself and on your own. That's what happened to me, I just WANTED it for myself, not because someone told me to or talked my into it. Transitioning is not easy and is a long process; and everyone isn't up to the challenge. So I don't recommend that you try to "convert" them. I mean, your great hair speaks for itself= if it really looks hot, then that's awesome, but if that's not enough to change someone else's mind, then don't sweat it. At least, your curls and free and loving life!! :D I have to say that wearing my hair curly makes me feel free! And I think it looks pretty good :oops: , and after learning all that I have from, its never looked better. Now I think my hair straightened looked nice too but I feel better wearing my curls. And I don't worry about the weather so much.

    You just do your thing, flaunt your curls, wear them proudly. :D Others will catch on (hopefully), in their own time.
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