Can I co-wash every day?

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I've been CG for a while, but I used a sulfate-free shampoo daily. Now I'm trying to only shampoo once a week. I'm wondering if I can co-wash every day, or if full CG means rarely using anything but water to wash your hair.

How often do you veteran CG girls co-wash?
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    You can cowash as often as you/your hair likes. Cowashing adds more moisture to the hair then water washing. If you start to get over conditioned, cut back on the cowashing.
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    you dont necessarily have to be full cg even though a lot of us are. full cg is not using any type of shampoo on the hair for washing. the scrubbing can be done with conditioner, baking soda, ayurvedic powders, water etc.

    a lot of people on here cowash everyday so thats fine. i use conditioners with low protein to cowash and alternate with conditioners with more protein because my hair gets really stretchy. i still can get overconditioned but not as fast to me.
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    I co-wash every day and low poo maybe once a week. In the winter I use a heavier rinse out conditioner after my co-wash. In the summer, I use only a co-wash to avoid overconditioning and it works out great. HTH. :)
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    I don't shampoo at all. I cowash every day to every three days, depending on how my hair feels. In between I generally water wash. I always use a rinse out after a cowash or water wash, my hair does not ever get overconditioned. Once every 4-6 weeks I add some baking soda to my cowash to clarify. It leaves me as clean or cleaner then any shampoo.
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    I CO wash everyday, and my hair loves it. It's not harmful to the hair so I say that if your hair likes it, go for it!
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  • Coco CurlsCoco Curls Registered Users Posts: 29
    I co-wash daily as well (well most days), and I think it's fine. Your hair needs moisture and if it doesn't feel over-conditioned or anything like that, you should stick to it. I've been CG for a while now, too.

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