Ok....I'm lost!

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I'm so confused! I have a foundation and I thought that's all one would need. Some of you on here use powder and some of you use liquid....what the heck is the difference?

Right now I'm using Cover Girl Aquasmooth stuff....is there some other stuff that I need to get too? I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a tonne of makeup....Can someone please help me.... :oops:



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    If you like the way it looks, you have all you need.

    A little loose or pressed powder will give a more matte finish but you will look like you're wearing more makeup. It's also good if you have oily skin or tend to get shiny through the day (blotting papers are good for that too). Bottom line, if you're happy with what you're using, then don't worry about adding powder.
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    foundations come in different formulae: liquid, cream, powder.

    and they have different finishes: sheer, dewy, matte.

    as CGNYC pointed out, do what you feel works for you. add powder or not, if you feel you need it.
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