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My daughter has ringlets, and I have no idea how to take care of them. She will turn 2 next week. I have just started not washing everyday, and I still use baby shampoo. I am thinking of using Karen's Body Beautiful leave-in conditioner for babies. Is that okay? My daughter's hair isn't really thick. I need help with EVERYTHING. Recommendations please: Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, and whatever else works for you. I don't want to ruin her curls. I love them. Thanks so much!


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    Ringlets come in all sizes and textures. Do you have an idea of what curl type your daughter is? 1a through 4b? That would help to determine what to suggest.
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    My first reccomendation without knowing anymore would be to look at the ingrediants in your products and not use anything that has alcohol in it. That is a easy mistake to make, but it will rob your little girls hair of it's moisture.
    Me: 3c, very thick
    BC- May 2010
    Current routine:
    pre poo: avacado, banana babyfood, grapeseed oil, and silk amino acid. Cleanser: DC No Poo 1x a week and BC 1x a week. DT: GVP Cond balm and grape seed oil
    Co-wash: GVP CD, TJ tea tree
    Leave-in: GVP CD, TJ tea tree, and grape seed oil
    Styling: HETT and castor oil
    DD (8 & 6 yo): both4s (1 thick, 2 thin) – keep in 2strand twists
    DD (4yo): 3b (very thin, hard to grow) – keep in single braids with lots of beads for protection
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    There's the instructions for how to wash/detangle a baby painlessly.

    As for product recs, I'd probably go with california baby, for its no-tears formula. I find it at my local whole foods. If you are interested in styling them for a special occasion, CURLS has a baby line called
    'it's a curl'. It's a curl is a bit more expensive, though, and you'd probably have to order online.

    The reason I wouldn't go with Teri's recs is b/c she uses sulfates and cones, and only lists products for adults, which aren't necessarily tearless.

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