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Merri-tempMerri-temp Registered Users Posts: 9
Another site I go to has to do with my son so its much stricter but sometimes when things get really out of control, they shut the board down for an unanounced amount of time. If you are getting bombarded , it MAY be worth trying for sanitys sake. Just a suggestion, I'd miss it but I feel for the moderators right now.
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  • Sugar Plum FairySugar Plum Fairy Registered Users Posts: 178
    nooooooooo, our precious board!!!!! icon_sad.gif

    I'm just kidding (well, semi-kidding). It wud be missed but if it ws only for a short time then, *wipes away a single tear from eye*, we'd survive.
  • scubagalscubagal Registered Users Posts: 44
    A 'time out' is not needed, we aren't children.

    Consistent moderating and being pro-active vs. reactive is what is needed.

    Clearly this is not happening, even with a new 'moderator' who subscribes to their own set of rules/regulations.

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