'Just Dance' and other fitness games for wii

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Hey guys,

I started using 'Just Dance' for wii as an aid to help me lose weight. I've been doing it for three weeks now and it feels like I have lost 5lbs. It's a great game since dancing is top-notch cardio. I was thinking of renting another fitness game from gamefly (I own 'Just Dance' though), and was wondering which games are the best for losing weight. I'm at a healthy weight, but I'm aiming trying to become skinny :laughing8: Kim Kardashian is my thinspo!

She looks good, huh?




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    Wii Active and Jillian Michaels has a couple things for wii.
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  • helloyellowbirdhelloyellowbird Banned Posts: 1,632Banned Users
    Lost 6lbs in the past two weeks!

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