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Is there a way to keep hair healthy while still straightening? I straighten my hair with blow dryer and flat iron twice per week and then run flat iron through my hair once a day. But I find that this can dry my hair out and then breaks off and does not grow (I am currently trying to grow my hair out to BSL, currently SL). Is there a way to do this and still keep my hair healthy?
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    Unfortunately any heat damage is still heat damage to the hair, especially when most flat irons never go below 325 degrees and are on average about 425 degrees in heat.

    So think of it this way: can you iron the same shirt every day with a 425 degree iron and not see/feel the after effects? [Being color fadage, weakening of the fabric, wear and tear...]

    If you are set to heat style and use a flat iron at least once per day, find the best flat iron spray you can. Unfortunately there are not nearly enough flat iron sprays that are good quality AND CG, because most sprays will have dimethicone in them. This is to give the smooth, glossy look and mask the damage the heat does to hair.

    This is why so many people think flat-ironing improves the condition of their hair--it's simply the dimethicones in their sprays which coat the hair up to temporarily seal split ends. But the truth will always be there at the end of the day: when your hair is naked and has no product in it, the damage is often very clear.

    So I would say no, there is definitely NO "safe" way to straighten your hair every day. There are steps you can do to try and reduce the damage: using a high quality heat protectant, flat ironing as little as possible---2x a week at most if you must, and a protein treatment even 1x a week to try and strengthen the hair, since so much of the hair's cuticle is lost through consistent, regular damage.
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    You are doing way too much straightening to keep it healthy!!! Have you ever tried wrapping your hair at night? When I straighten my hair, I use a flat iron for the most part and don't need to touch up at all just by wrapping my hair at night. I can keep my hair straight for about 2 weeks and it still looks pretty fresh- but I have naturally dry hair.

    So the only way to keep it as healthy as it can get is really to stop straightening it everyday.
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