Advice on buying BKT diy kit in UK

quadequade Registered Users Posts: 18
Hi girls and guys (not many of guys guys here but a few):wave:

I've been on this forum for ages trying to decide if I should try the bkt and figured I'd finally give it a try

I went onto eBay and totally confused myself as there seems to stuff ranging from 20 to 170

I'll need to get the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the diy kit.
I did see a lot of stuff with QOD in the title, so not sure what this is

basically if someone could link to a few kits I could purchase that would be great.
My hair is mega short since the hair dresser totally ignored me a few days ago and chopped of about 6 months growth (arse!) so I don't need much of the stuff

Also, how much should I be expecting to pay?
Thanks all


  • quadequade Registered Users Posts: 18
    Ok if no ones knows about uk how about America? I'll get international shipping

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