Cyclomethicone in hair dye.

The Clockwork CurlThe Clockwork Curl Registered Users Posts: 27
I´ve recently bought and used a semi-permanent dye (I guess it´s not the right name,well,colour shampoo).It had both Cyclomethicone and Sodium Laureth Sulfate on the ingredient list.It made me a little confused...Do I have to use a poo after colouring to remove the cone,or will the listed sulfate do it while rinsing the dye?

Actually,I´m here sitting with my hair freshly dyed;-).They feel soft and non-buildupish,I just worry about my scalp a little.It´s a little grease-like on the sides.It happens to me sometimes when wash without co-washing,but since I used the cone,I´m feeling a bit nervous about it...

Another question-is there any SLS free option when removing cyclomethicone? I know about coco beta.,but it will be hard to find a product that cointains it here...What about ACV,baking soda,CO with cleaning alcohols...?


  • breezybabybreezybaby Registered Users Posts: 347
    You shouldn't need one. That particular cone evaporates off of hair a couple hours after product application.

    Cyclomethicone helps other ingredients penetrate the hair shaft
    3a/3b/3c hair all on one head :thumright:

    Staples (used in many ways):
    Coconut milk
    Castor oil
    Coconut oil
    Shea butter
  • The Clockwork CurlThe Clockwork Curl Registered Users Posts: 27
    Thank you,breezybaby:toothy2:
    A big "Aha!" on the cyclomethicone evaporating off the hair-that´s probably why my hair that was great yesterday is a mess today:blob8: .Will need to do a DT...

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