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I'm new here and have been reading tons of threads. There is so much good info out there...thank you everyone!

Anyway, wanted to start a new thread for Face & body moisturizers. I want to start making my own moisturizers because I have VERY sensitive skin on my legs and arms. (but not on my face) If I use any type of lotion on my legs, 36-48 hours later I itch and I continue itching for at least a week! The only thing that works for me is using straight Jojoba oil or Sesame oil. I would like to experiment with a few different things to see what is actually causing the allergic reaction.

In regards to face moisturizers, I'm starting to get the "fine lines" which I suppose is expected since I'm 45. I'm currently using Oil of Olay ProX moisturizer, but am interested in going natural and saving money!

Any ideas out there for some recipes I could try? I currently have beeswax, some EO's, lecithin, vegetable glycerine, cold pressed sesame oil and quality EVOO on hand. BTW, what's FO's??

Thanks much!


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    great that you started this thread. I am very interested in moiturizer and similar product. I have oily skin and feel very difficult to find a good cream for it.

    Moisturizers guide for you
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    I haven't tried my hand at making my own lotions yet, but I do like making whipped body butter and a simple after shower body oil.

    50% fractionated coconut oil
    50% rice bran oil
    few drops of FO (til it smells strong enough for me)
    I mix these in a small 3 oz plastic travel size bottle with a flip top I found at the drug store.

    Making homemade lotions safely can be kinda tricky. Everything must be as close to sterile as possible and a good preservatives must be used or you could end up with a moldy/fungus growing mess that could make you sick. Not to say it can't be done, I just haven't yet.
    By sticking to oil and butter only recipes I don't need to use a preservative. Its the water or water based ingred that must be preserved or if there is any chance water can get into it. Another option is to make very small batches and keep them in the fridge for up to two weeks. Cleanliness is still very important!
    Some of the lotion and soap making supply sites have nice recipe or formulary pages you could try.

    As far as saving money, this hobby can get fairly expensive! All the ingred can start adding up pretty fast, and since you have sensitive skin and don't really know whats causing it you could end up spending a lot finding out! Another site that has great products that have high quality ingred is the one some of the ladies are going in on the co-op with.
    They list all the ingred and you can buy samples first. I love their Paramount facial moisturizer and Supreme facial serum.

    FO stands for Fragrance Oil. They smell great, but don't have healing properties like EOs do. A great site for buying these are
    Hope some of this helps!
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    This is the recipe I use for my all over body moisturizer. It's light, not greasy and works really well. It is an adaptation of the cocoabutter lotion on snowdriftfarm.com

    1 to 1.5 oz. emulsifying wax (I'm experimenting using btms instead)
    3 oz. shea butter (I use nilotica shea; you can also go half and half with cocoa butter
    1 oz. fractionated coconut oil
    1oz. castor oil
    1 oz. jojoba oil

    1 oz. vegetable glycerin (now using honeyquat
    16 oz. distilled water
    1 teaspoon optiphen (preservative)

    FRAGRANCE (optional)--I use 1 tsp lavender EO mostly


    Heat the oil phase in a double boiler or microwave oven until
    melted. In the microwave, this is best done is short bursts of heat, under 30 seconds each, then stirring and heating again.

    Heat the water phase to about 100F and pour into a sterile bowl. Begin agitating with a stick blender. Slowly drizzle the melted oils into the agitating water. An emulsion will occur. Add fragrance, if using, and agitate for at least 3 minutes to ensure a good emulsion. Pour into sterile containers. Lotion will thicken upon cooling and standing.

    This lotion recipe is really easy, you don't have to be a pro to do it. Just make sure you have sterile equipment and a good preservative. Makes about 24 oz of lotion

    HTH :)
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    Thanks for the recipe coilynap.

    Just wanted to add that fractionated coconut oil is not hypoallergenic and some people might experience a reaction to it. So, those who have sensitive skin might want to do a patch test before adding it to products.
  • coilynappcoilynapp Posts: 4,233Registered Users
    oh thanks taltal I didn't know that. I have no reaction to it. I suppose those who are allergic to coconut oil should not use it in any form.

    I should add that I have combination skin on my face and dry skin everywhere else and my lotion works quite well on my face and body

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