Confused: Had BKT do i use products for straight hair now?

SydneyBristowSydneyBristow Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi everybody. I am new here, joined primarily becuase i am so confused with my hair now.

I used to be 3b /3c. I had Lasio BKT done and now my hair is really flat and straight. All of my products seem too heavy and i dont know what to use in order to get some volume. Anyone have any tips on how to make my straight hair not so flat. I went from too much volume and curl to stick straight- i want something in between.


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    Hi Sydney and welcome! I know exactly what you are experiencing with your "new hair" I found that breaking my heavy hand of conditioner and products to be quite difficult at first. I am still experimenting, but I have found that using a lot less product to be key. The other day I used some [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] in my hair and it was completely straight and flat - so I guess no [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] for me for a while. I just used a small amount of Herbal Essence set me up gel yesterday and it has a nice wave now. I did throw a few curls in with a large barrel curling iron to add volume to the top. I laugh now that I have to add volume to my hair!

    What type of shampoo and condish are you using. I would be sure that your conditioner is not too heavy for your hair now.
    3B dark brown shoulder length
    Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
  • SydneyBristowSydneyBristow Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi, thanks for your response!

    I was a die hard kerastase fan b4 i had the BKT. The kerastase shampoo is out of the question given the ingredients.... i was using Enjoy shampoo and that was okay, but i ran out and decided to try a drug store brand, so i got EverPur and i REALLY like it. I used the moisturizing one, and my hair felt clean, not tangly and overall it was great. I used leftover Feria conditioner that I had from way back when i did home coloring. I blow dried and used Chroma Protect- i was happy with the overall result, much more volume.

    I think Enjoy was building up on my hair- A LOT. I still prefer a small amount of heavy contioners, but i need a good shampoo.

    I recently purchased Russian Amber and Katira, once it arrives I will see how that goes. I think i always underestimate the importance of shampoo, but changing that made such a difference.

    L'oreal EverPur Moisturizing shampoo
    Feria conditioner
    Chroma Protect cream (small amount)

    Seems to be a much better combo already.

    I was also using Kerastase Age Recharge b4, that really made them limp too.

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