Weirdest oil and water emulsified with out an emulsifier...

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This is so strange.

I mixed some of my beloved Tamnu oil with some orange flower water at the begining of the week and i have been using it everyday as a spritz. I always give it a little shake first to mix it up before using it.

Today, as i was trying to spritz my hair i noticed that that as i was shaking it it felt contents felt thick an dthen when i tried to spritz, the pump felt a little stiff. So i opened the bottle to have a look and the Tamanu oil and the water had emulsifed into a lotion - albeit a very runny lotion but a lotion nonetheless. So I poured some into the my hands rubbed them together and the result was a off white creamy substance, a lotion. I put in in my hair and it was fine.

How can this happen? How can an oil and water emulsify without an emulsifier?
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    maybe your oil/water mixture went bad

    did it smell off to you? usually if cosmetics go bad they get very runny (in my experience--I had some flax seed gel that went bad and it did become a little milky)
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    is the tamanu oil thick. some oils like coconut oil can be liquid and solid depending on the temps. Maybe tamanu is similar. then again maybe tamanu is not an oil at all but a wax like jojoba oil.
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    :icescream:I love Tamanu oil! It smells just like butter pecan ice cream and it's a very healing oil for tons of skin problems! I use it in a whipped butter with shea butter. But to answer the question, it dose become almost solid at room temp in my house, just like virgin coconut oil. I just warm up the container in a bowl of hot tap water when I want use it.
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