Engorgement...how do I relieve it please?

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I have a brand new baby at home and my milk has come in and is starting to hurt. I am breastfeeding but her little tummy can only take in so much. How can I relieve the pain? How long does this "engorgement" phase last and how do I know when it's over?
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    The best way to relieve engorgement is put that baby to breast often.

    There are lots of tips, in the thread deezee linked, on how to soften the breast (draw nipple out) before putting the babe to breast.
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    You can always express a little with your hand. It won't last long.
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    If you aren't opposed to taking medication, I found that ibuprofen helped with the pain and the swelling a bit.

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    If you're going to get engorged, it usually happens between day 3 and day 6. As has been recommended, putting that baby to breast often helps a lot. The recommendation from The Breastfeeding Answer Book is to nurse baby 8 to 12 times in a 24 hour period, and every two hours while you're engorged. IIRC, the engorgement shouldn't last more than a day or so. Definitely call your MD if it's lasting more that 48 hours, AND your doing steps to treat it.

    Is the baby able to latch on effectively? Sometimes you can be engorged around your breast, but your areola is soft enough to get a good latch. If that's the case, you're gold. If your areola is hard, too, and baby has difficulty latching, you might need to consider a nipple shield.

    Definitely let your baby nurse for as long as she needs on that first breast and then switch. If she's too milk drunk to want that second breast, then express or pump just to comfort (Breastfeeding Answer Book).

    You could use cabbage leaves, too. But stop as soon as the engorgement better. Overuse of cabbage leaves has lead to a decrease in supply (Breastfeeding Answer Book). I had engorgement issues with my 3rd baby. Cabbage leaves really worked fantastic for me.

    Does the hospital you delivered at have lactation consultants? Don't be afraid to call for help. Even check out your local La Leche group. Leaders are usually available by phone to help you troubleshoot this sort of thing. http://llli.org (I think you need to search by your State).
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