Can certain foods, minerals, vitamins, chemicals, when ingested, lead to curly hair?

NahaniNahani Posts: 8Registered Users
Just curious about the influence of what we take in on the curliness of our hair. Yes, curliness is genetic, but must have some environmental factors, no?

And what about hair color? It is well known that exposing hair to sunlight leads to lighter hair due to bleaching by the sun's rays. What other factors in diet or environment cause changes to the color of hair?


  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    Different weather conditions can actually make a big difference in the way curly hair looks.
    in my experience, very dry weather makes curly hair more elongated and creates very nice curl definition.
  • curlygirlymecurlygirlyme Posts: 1,340Registered Users
    Certain things like honey and vinegar can cause red to appear on darker colored hair. I think things camomile can help blonds keep their color from getting kinda green from swimming.

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