Had my hair straightened 6 years ago...

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Hi all,

I got my hair chemically straightened about 5 1/2 years ago now as I hated my curly hair. I have 2 types of curly hair in one, wavy and curly almost spiral like. I got it straightened years ago and my hair still has not fully bounced back. I recently decided to stop straightening it everyday to grow it out and to make it a little healthier but the curl on it really sucks now. Is it possible the straightening still has not grown out? Has anyone else experienced this? My curl was okay before but now I can't stand the way it half curls. I use the TIGI Catwalk curl cream. Maybe I'm using the wrong product?
Type: 3A mostly with some 2C
Shampoo: Suave Naturals Lilac
Conish: Suve Naturals Coconut
DT: Rainforest Shine
Product: ION fizzing foam mousse
Tresemme Curl Activator Spray )not CG)
Length: Shoulder Length but growing to BSL+


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    hi. i have the same problem. 2 1/2 years ago i had my hair straightened. i used to be a 2c-3a ish. but i wasnt happy and wanted to try straight. boy do i regret that.now, i have no where near the curls i had. i try to wear it curly but it looks horrible. and i need to use tons of product( i also use catwalk and find it works as good if not better than everything else. i have tried everything). also, i have had it all cut out. early fall my hair was to chin when straight. i figure that i should have at least 12 inches of new growth which was more than the hair i had left.so i dont know what the problem is. my hair stylist said everyone has hair cycles and my hormones may be to blame(im 44).so im back to blowing it dry with a round brush. i have deep treated and everything else it says to do on the board, but gave up.i know this doesnt help you, but your not alone. good luck and keep reading. something may work for you.

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