What I've learned my first week CG

mmarrerommarrero Registered Users Posts: 36
  • My hair is a lot curlier than I had originally thought.
  • Everything has cones in it. Read, read, and read ingredients.
  • I need a low-poo. Used a sulfate-free shampoo halfway through the week. Only on scalp. Saturated the ends in conditioner.
  • I love Nature's Gate Aloe Conditioner for Co-wash, flax seed gel, and L.A. Looks Sport gel.
  • I can't figure out plopping
  • And I need more layers in my haircut.
It's been an informative week. Thanks for all your help!:occasion7:


  • Laura LeeLaura Lee Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    That sounds like a lot more than I what I had down in the first week! Congrats and keep it up!:occasion7:

    Oh and about plopping. What exactly are you having trouble with? Are you using a cloth or a t-shirt (and is the t-shirt long sleeved or short sleeved)?
  • mmarrerommarrero Registered Users Posts: 36
    I tried a t-shirt and a towel. I can't get it wrapped tight enough. I think I'm just extra clumsy.
  • wavymamawavymama Registered Users Posts: 4
    i watched youtube videos of people plopping and now i am a master after only 2 weeks. good luck.
  • Laura LeeLaura Lee Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    I made this video a while back. It shows how I plop using a long sleeve t-shirt. I'm very clumsy and uncoordinated too, so I'm sure you can do it too :)

  • lacebryderlacebryder Registered Users Posts: 6
    i'm also just over a week in! hurray for CG! Anyways I plop with a long sleeve t-shirt. I found a video on u-tube and its pretty easy
    "the only difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits"

    Co-wash: Sauve Naturals Strawberry
    Condish: RenPure Organics, My pretty hair is parched
    HETT gel, HETMS spray gel

  • ransumsmemoryransumsmemory Registered Users Posts: 7
    What is a good shampoo I was going to use the natures gate shampoo but i looked on the back and im pretty sure i found that it had sulfate

    also what are some good free from cone drugstore hair products ?
    Hair type: medium density, low porosity, low elasticity
    Conditions w/ : Natures Gate Henna
    Cowashes w/: Natures Gate Hemp
    Hair Hates: Tressume curl Gel, Tressume spray gel,Dove Mousse, Tressume Mousse
    Hair Loves: Have Not Figured that out yet! :(

  • pedahehpedaheh Registered Users Posts: 4,812 Curl Neophyte
    What is a good shampoo I was going to use the natures gate shampoo but i looked on the back and im pretty sure i found that it had sulfate

    also what are some good free from cone drugstore hair products ?
    The blog a girl with curl has cg products listed on the left side

    User alexjoujou has a blog the wavy tales. she does product reviews. She has a series on ground (don't have to order from the internet) products. Here is the link for ground shampoos
    ground conditioners
    her link on products for people new to cg

    I don't use shampoo, but giovani tea tree tripple treat is popular. Target has sample sizes near the burt's bees stuff.
    If you need a moisturizing conditioner try garnier triple nutrition or sally beauty supply's general value product conditioning balm (generic boilage).
    Good luck
    http://pedaheh.blogspot.com/ (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
    2a (nc.com) 2bFi (Fia), very fine, thin, low/normal elasticity, porous, CG, doesn't get weighed down
    Cowash: Tresemme naturals
    Rinse out/leave in: Renpure Organics (red)
    Curl enhancer: FSG
    Gel: BRHG, Salon care aloe, Ecostyler Krystal (normal dews)
    PT: ION effective care, IAgirl's gelatin PT
    Low Poo: renpure (red), Ion swimmers

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