Infant car seat question

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I'm trying to determine what level to put the shoulder straps on my infact car seat. The directions only say that they should be as close to the baby's shoulders as possible but no other guidelines.

Should I put them at the lowest of the 3 settings, closest to the baby? What about the one that goes between the legs? Again the one closest to the baby? There are two slots there.

I'm just trying to be prepared as it's been below zero here and I'd hate to be ready to leave the hospital and have to take the seat out and try to manuever those straps in the cold before we can leave.
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    Actually it's hard to tell before the baby is born, but for most newborns the straps are at the lowest (closest) level. If you have the infant carrier type carseat, you can leave the base in the car and bring the carrier inside the hospital. At the hospital where my kids were born, the policy is that the nurse checks to make sure the straps fit before mother and baby are allowed to leave. This was a lot easier to do inside rather than in the cold car.

    Pack a few receiving blankets in your hospital bag also so you can roll them up and put them around the baby's head and along the sides to keep him/her nice and snug.

    Good luck!!
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    When we left with Callie, we had the straps all at the closest setting to her (buckle and shoulder straps). She was 6.5 lbs at that point.

    We quickly had to move them though when she was close to 10ish lbs.

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    Yep, you have to wait until the babe comes to see how they fit best into the car seat.
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    You won't be able to tell until your baby is here, but start on the lowest level for the shoulder straps. This can be really confusing sometimes. ALL rear-facing carseats need to have the shoulder straps at or below the tops of the shoulders. If they are above them it is wrong and dangerous. Forward-facing carseats, however, need to have the straps at or above the shoulder level because if they are below the tops of the shoulders there is a risk of spinal compression in an accident (the forces affect the body differently when rear-facing than they do when forward-facing).

    ETA: here is a good link that explains it:

    Hope that helps!
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