My heater broke!

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It's really cold in my office and I use a space heater. Well it broke this morning :( So I am wearing my winter coat but my hands are cold.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. :cry:
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    I have an extra desk and computer in my office...and a fully functioning working space heater, you can come work with me! Oh, by the way, today started out -4 degrees, and now its up to about 11 degrees, windchill has it below 0 still. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    My heater broke the other day & I actually found a great one at Walgreens. I was surprised at how much better it worked than my old one & this one is smaller & lighter. It was only $19.99. You can even have them deliver if you can't pick it up. I'm always cold & I live in Florida. :roll: Need one especially in my bathroom in order to take a shower.
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