Boring Hair!!! I Need somthin' New.

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For the last five years I've had the same hair cut and I need a new look. I have long black 3a/b hair. I always let it loose and natural. I absolutely love long hair, but I'm willing to let it go short for a change. I'm even thinking of highlighting or dying my hair. I have olive skin, so if I get a new color then it would have to be a color that will go well with my skin tone.

I have no idea of what I want so, if anybody has pictures or ideas please feel free to share your opinoin ;)
black bouncy 3a/b curls... And thats all I got to say...


  • millymollymoomillymollymoo Posts: 27Registered Users
    cant believe nobody's replied to this.
    selfish people!
    instead of tying it into a pony, try clipping the front bits back, so any frizz ontop goes away amd your hair looks loose.
    for hair cuts, ty adding some volume by only cutting a few to layers of your hair.
    i dont know anything else, sorry.
  • SingingSongsSingingSongs Posts: 42Registered Users
    Thank you! Sadly it is too late though:(
    I ended up cutting it shorter and it was the worst hair cut I have ever had.

    But those are pretty helpful tips and I'll try the out when my hair grows out, so I don't butcher it again.
    black bouncy 3a/b curls... And thats all I got to say...

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