share your eperience of going natural

MJ4everMJ4ever Posts: 31Registered Users
Hello everyone
I am/have been going natural and was just wondering those with eperience if your hair goes curlier and more defined after time?If it begins to look healthier? and if you have good results after going natural?

share with me your experience of going natural:happy11:
write back.
p.s. sorry i spelt experience wrong in my title;)


  • laynesavedthedaylaynesavedtheday Posts: 239Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I definitely got more curly and my hair is now way more shiny and healthy looking.
  • definingnamedefiningname Posts: 19Registered Users
    Hm, I've only recently started wearing more curls naturally. For about a year I'd straighten my hair once a week. Soon enough, straightening it become more of a task (which is time consuming and straight out annoying!) I then just started washing my hair, putting volumizing mouse, and my curls actually looked nice. After trying out some of the curl defining mousses, I really didn't like the results. They just made my curls tighter, my hair looked so much shorter. I'm not a big fan of super tight curls. So, I then just started washing my hair and putting some anti-frizz serum in it and let my curls air dry, and voila. I love them. (:

    I have somewhat 2c and 3a curls on fine, dark brown hair.
  • definingnamedefiningname Posts: 19Registered Users
    I definitely got more curly and my hair is now way more shiny and healthy looking.

    Oh, and yeah! the curls do look a lot shiner, and feel super soft. My hair just looks so much more healthier. It was never really in bad condition, but there's always improvement, you know?
  • MJ4everMJ4ever Posts: 31Registered Users
    hey thanks for sharing with me:mrgreen:
    I've recently started going natural to and am noticing an increase of curls and come to think of it its getting a bit shinier.But i still feel i have quite a while longer to get my hair into condition and defined curls(straightening has made me loose some of my curls)does anyone no roughly how long it would take to get the best curls?
    thanks so much for sharing with me:thumright:
    and also do you have to be CG to get the best result?
  • FreshlyCurlGirlFreshlyCurlGirl Posts: 37Registered Users
    Okay. I BC about 2 1/2 months ago and while it had it's own stresses (Constant wetting, can't EVER get a comb through it wet or dry, conditioner or no), it is really fun to play with :). The first week that I went natural I had this soft cloud of hair. I kept it constantly wet 'cause everyone said that water defined the curl pattern. It was not until I went outside for a few hours and it completely dried that I had an idea of what I was working with (looked like soft cotton sticking up every which-a-way). But it wasn't until more than a week later that I saw my tight coffee stirrer curls appear and 2 weeks until the top of my hair curled up 'cause it was a looser 3c type. My hair has had a more sheen in the past week than I've had since I BC
    4a on sides/3c on the top and middle
    LOIS:OS hair pattern, (Cottony?) texture.
    Clarify/ Wash: Wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner
    Reg poo:VO5 strawberry and cream
    Co wash: Mane n' tail deep conditioner
    Moisturizers: Shea butter/ Olive oil/ Texture my way Curl Keeping Moisturizing Hair Lotion
  • melinskimelinski Posts: 7Registered Users
    Hey !

    I did my BC about a month and a half ago! I had just taken out rope twists, and my hair was a complete disaster. The two textures were at war with each other, so I got up the confidence and cut off all the relaxed ends, and I absolutely love my curls! My hair is much healthier, people are always commenting on how much they love my hair. Random people even touch it when i'm out.. it's a little creepy, but it definitely motivates me to keep taking care of the curls. Before my hair always felt really coarse when it was wet, not it's super soft and fun to play with. Even my boyfriend plays with it more now! I loveee the curls! <3
  • hmgcurlshmgcurls Posts: 19Registered Users
    I used to straighten my hair EVERY SINGLE WEEK! It was super damaging! And then I got a noursihing treatment done and I started wearing it natural. Alot of people started complimenting my hair and saying they loved it when it was natural. So. I've been natural for some months now! :love5:
    3B with some 3A
    Co-wash: V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream
    Condish: GVP Conditioning Balm
    Gel: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted
    Those who are curly want to be straight, and those who are straight want to be curly- um, last time I checked I was fine with my ringlets, thank you very much.:icon_smile:
  • ChiggletChigglet Posts: 12Registered Users
    I guess i've always been kind of natural..... i only straighten my hair maybe once every few months, just for something different, but my hair wasn't exactly being looked after. I'm still struggling to find the right stuff for my hair though, but curls are definitely more fun than straight hair :)
    - Celeste, Age 14, Australia.
    Hair Type: 3a - 3b
    Currently Using:
    * Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner (purple bottle)*
    * Special Effects Curl Booster Fixative Gel*

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  • roni64roni64 Posts: 20Registered Users
    I decided last year to go natural, leaving perms behind. In the beginning, I straightened both the curly roots and permed rest. Eventually, I just stopped straightening the rest and scrunched it so that the hair was kinda curly like my roots. This past June (about a year after my last perm) I cut all the permed ends off and now Im all curly all the time. It was hard because I was impatient but it makes everything so much easier to go curly for me. I loveeee my curls <3
    Transitioning from july 08 to june 09
    Growing it out to midback by college graduation (may 2012)
    Prob 3b/3c :love10:
  • Fantastic1221Fantastic1221 Posts: 356Registered Users
    I stopped getting relaxers June of this year and it has been an interesting experience. It wasnt that hard at first because didnt have to worry about how my hair looked over the summer, but when school started it became difficult to find styles that would look good on me. Most of the time I wear roller sets, or I clip it up(mostly) or flat iron(something im trying to get out of). I dont shampoo my hair but use clarifiers, conditioner, and homemade mixes on my hair. I have about an 1 and a half of newgrowth and hope that by next June it'll be at 3 inches. Its been really hard emotionally because I'm the only woman in my family going natural and some of them dont want me to go natural because my hair is shorten than before and because they dont like the styles that I wear my hair in.

    Im excited and so far have had good experiences with my transitioning. By the way my hair type is 4a.
    3c front crown,4a in middle back
    LOIS: OS, thin, dense, cottony"]My Blog
    Hair Regimen




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