Hair Type Question. (pic)

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Hey everyone I just recently started the CG routine a few days ago and am really liking the results. I am using the suave natural coconut co as a cowash and am rotating it with VO5 moisture milk strawberries and cream co. My hair is still short as I am in the process of growing it out. I would like to grow it for a few yrs then get some sort of style. I do not use any gels or products in my hair just use my cowash as a leave-in. But I am still trying to fig out which hair type I am. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks


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    Hello! You have great hair, I think its 3a... The CG technique is working for you dude your hair shines in the pictures and the curl is well define without frizziness. Keep posting pictures of your journey during the growing out process. I am doing the same thing put my hair growth is barely 1.5! Good luck
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  • KEVIN JKEVIN J Registered Users Posts: 11
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