How Would Henna Work?

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Hi there, I'm new here and I was hoping for a bit of advice.

I'm caucasian, but when I was little, my hair was black and curly. That gradually grew out to be replaced my brown, the red, then blonde, then lighter brown. When I was about 10, I chopped all my hair off (ick, horrible haircut!), and it grew back in a wavy/kinky/curly frenzy, in a sort of light brown.

So now, I have curls, which I'm happy with, but I dont like the color of my hair. Its a very ash brown, which looks kind of blonde, and has blonde highlights in the sun (natural and dyed).

I was wondering if any of you have similar hair color, and/or know how henna-ing my hair would affect it?
Thanks so much!


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    It's hard to say...henna works differently than chemical dyes. It adds on to whatever your existing color is; so it would be your shade plus red.

    Depending on how light or dark your natural shade is, you could get anything from a bright red to a dark auburn. It also depends on how long you leave it on. That's why doing a strand test is a really good idea!

    You can order samples from

    My natural color was dark blonde with some growing-out highlights and some gray -- 2 applications of henna gave me a fairly vivid red -- deeper auburn where my hair was darker, and almost strawberry blonde where the gray and highlights were.
    2a/b right now; 2c when it's longer
    Fine/iii density/high porosity

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    With your hair tone, the henna will give you a lot of red especially on those light parts of blong highlights. Probably some orange tones as well depending on which henna powder you use.

    Make sure first off you use 100% pure henna powder so that you don't get any damage from it, due to the chemicals used for the highlights (as you mentionned they were dyed).

    I'd recommend you actually start out with cassia obovata as well. It'll give you all the benefits of henna with little color (low yellow dye molecule), which will add some golden tones to your hair and this way you aren't committing to a color as yet. But in the future you can use other herbs to tone down the red of henna to keep it more towards brown as well.

    Keep in mind for some, henna and herbs for hair loosens the curl pattern.

    Hope this helps!

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