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I finally think I kicked the biting habit. I never looked at getting a manicure before, but it seems to be pretty expensive to upkeep.

Is a manicure supposed to only last 1 week, because that's all I get out of it.

Any tips for doing nails at home.

I like essie brand nail polish so far. It doesnt glump up like my OPI and I really like the spring color collection.


  • SuzieSuzie Registered Users Posts: 4
    I finally grew my nails, too. Usually, i just keep "Hard as nails" sheer pink on, to add strength from years of damage (former acrylic wearer).

    I like OPI, but will try Essie. I like spring colors, nothing too dark or too bright.
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    Two words Webbie: Nail Envy (by OPI). I couldn't believe I was spending $15 on a bottle of clear nail protector, but this stuff is truly a miracle at keeping my nails long and in great shape. I have nails that literally repel all nail polish (seriously), but this stuff stays on for an entire week at a time with no chipping. I don't use colored polish, but you can use this stuff as a base coat and top coat. Oh, but when I have used polish, that clear topcoat that comes with the Revlon Colorstay polish is the BEST. I'm not wild about their other colors, so I often just use the clear topcoat. I can actually keep polish on for about a whole 5 days with it!
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    The sally hansen clear coat in an orange square bottle really makes your nails grow, and then you can just file into shape with an orange stick. the clear coat will strengthen and mke them shiny
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    My nail HG for years, has been Sally Hansen Instant Strength. It's clear, but has a light lavender tint when in the bottle. I use it alone, or as a base and top coat. LOVE this stuff!
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    I was reading reviews of Dior Addict nail polish on Makeupalley.com and everyone raved about it. It costs $16 a bottle though. Supposedly it really lasts and 1 coat is enough. I also second the top coat that comes with the Revlon Colorstay. It really does make a difference. I was thinking about getting the Dior polish and taking that and the Revlon topcoat to a salon and get a manicure with those.
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    I have bitten my nails for years, but I stopped years ago. I use whichever nail color that looks great with my complexion. I love the warm tones of any company. My nails have recently grown to the active length now. I will keep them about this length may be a little longer.

    I never like fake nails anyway, but go to the salon like once in a blue. I do my own like in the sheer peach sometimes for work, but during the weekends is when I wear more dark hues.

    Coily :)
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