Help, Need a Salon/Stylist in Philly to do 3C-4A Hair

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Hi I have 3c-4a (i think) hair and I desperately need color and a trim or shape. I do not want to loose alot of lenght. I have been wearing my hair pulled back with a scarf in a curly afro forever. When I try to wear it out it doesn't have any shape to it so it kinda looks like Side Show Bob from the Simpson. (btw, i am still trying to find products so that it does not frizz up). I have attached a picture of me on the one or two occasions I try to wear it out. If anyone knows of a Salon or Stylist in Philly that can help a sister out, it is greatly appreciated. I went to Singatures once and I feel that Joseph cut out my curls, I am unsure as to whether I wan to try him again. Please help. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    I'm having the same problem. I've only found someone to blow dry and flat iron my hair and that was only ok. No one that shaped my hair, they've trimmed it but, I have the same triangle and no solution. I'll keep you posted if I find someone.
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    Hello can anyone tell the solution of taking the above matter....

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    have either of you contacted kathymack, she raves about her stylist in philly. you should pm her.

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