Sections of hair that don't grow -anyone else have this?

Although my hair is generally healthy and grows quickly, I have two spots above my ears/ temple area, about 1-2in diameter, where the hair won't grow more than a couple of inches. It's never really bothered me much, as I generally wore my hair down, with a quasi-part in the middle, but now that I have the Flexi8s and want to try more versatile styles and updos, it's annoying, as those tufts of hair stick out. I'm not looking for miracle recipes to make it grow (although if there were one...), but wondering how others who might have the same problem deal with it. Do you cut it very short? Do you use styling products to make it stick to the scalp?
Pardon the frizz in the pics, it's the 4th day post wash.
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    I'm no expert but I think you are having some breakage. I have the same problem with my temples and I think it's from sleeping on a normal pillowcase. The side of my head that I don't sleep on is not too bad. Also, when I wore glasses they were grabbing my hair in that area and making it weak causing breakage. HTH
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    Hmmm... I don't wear glasses, and sleep mostly on my back. I'm almost certain it's genetic, my little tufts have not been growing out for as long as I can remember. But maybe I should get a satin pillowcase anyway, I know it's better for the hair.
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