new & dazed!

waveegirlwaveegirl Posts: 4Registered Users
hi curlygirls!
I am brand new to the site---my fellow CG recommended it to me after I complained about my weak, dry curly/wavy hair.
Thankfully, I found out I have 2B hair---yet i'm unsure of the other stats (porosity, etc)....

Also, can anybody guide me to a step-by-step "beginners" thread of HOW exactly I can begin? What products to use and HOW to use them in the shower (and out)? I have read tons of newbie thread throughout the week and still feel so overwhelmed and confused...

so excited to be here! :compress::compress::compress:



  • curlylocscurlylocs Posts: 1Registered Users
    I am new to CurlTalk. I have naturally curly hair but it is on the fine side.

    My texture is 3b/3c & 4/a in the crown area. I am looking for products that works for my hair.

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