Milk blister

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yes, it is me again with another breastfeeding question.

Latch has been fixed, thrush cleared up and my nipples had finally healed...and now I have a freakin milk blister.

I have been doing hot compresses, pumping, feeding on the side extra, boob in a bowl and GSE...but it is still here and more and more painful each feed.

Anything else that will work (minus sticking a sterile needle into it--shiver)

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    If it's that painful, and you're already doing all those home remedies without relief, you'll probably have to go to the doctor and have it lanced.

    Me...I would lance it myself at home with a sterile needle, but I'm like that...
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    Ouch! That sucks. (No pun intended.) I tried the home remedies and the home lancing (which I botched) with no luck. Mine finally burst while pumping, after being away from DS1 for the first time (I was pretty full). So, I guess that is not really helpful, but if nothing else works, try pumping. So sorry!
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  • deezee02deezee02 Registered Users Posts: 1,509
    The thought of it bursting scared me more than the needle so I lanced it myself last night.

    It was not bad at all and I wish I had sucked it up and done it sooner. I am also applying GSE to help avoid infection since this it the side that I have had the most issues with.

    I also noticed her latch seems to have changed. It is almost as if she has a stronger latch than before, which could be due to teething or the fact that I was in a wedding this past weekend and she got bottles on saturday. I know her latch is still correct, it is just different that before. Is it normal for their latch to change and for them to suck more powerfully?

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