traveling overseas with a newborn - how early?

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I was thinking of spending a few weeks in Trinidad & Tobago while on maternity leave. Since I'm not getting paid, might as well enjoy the "vacation" with some beach action.

My mom mentioned it took about a month to get the birth certificate so she could travel with him. I'm sure things have changed since the 1970's. Do I need a passport now or do the airlines prohibit flying with a newborn?


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    I think that you need a passport for a newborn if it is somewhere that you would need a passport to go. Other than that, you can travel with a newborn with no problem.

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    Yeah, you need a passport. My passport picture is from when I was a newborn. I haven't used it since. :D
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    Geez, I didn't even leave the house with B until she was 3 weeks old, and even THEN I was freaking out that it was too early.

    I personally stand by the not bringing them out til they're 6 weeks old thing. But I would think you may want to wait and bring it up with your pediatrician. There are plenty of immunizations they haven't had yet - and the kinds of germs that are going to be in the airports, and on the airplanes.....babies are incredibly susceptable to germs, bacteria and viruses..........

    Plus, at what point on your maternity leave are you thinking about traveling? You may want to wait before making any definite plans. I don't know if you realize how tired you're going to be when all this first happens. There's a lot going on, and a lot of newness to get used to. Maybe it's b/c I'm more of a homebody, but you couldn't pay me to travel after I'd just had a baby.

    But hey, maybe I'm just a paranoid mommy. If none of this stuff is going to bother you, then ignore my whole post.

    Except I would still ask your pediatrician.
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    I was thinking relatively soon after. I'd take my mom with us to help care for the baby. I figured I'd be too tired to take care of my own home, deal with dogs, cooking homecare etc. May as well go on a vacation and have family dote over me. Besides, I only have the doula for 2 weeks post-birth.
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    I was thinking of spending a few weeks in Trinidad & Tobago while on maternity leave. Since I'm not getting paid, might as well enjoy the "vacation" with some beach action.

    My mom mentioned it took about a month to get the birth certificate so she could travel with him. I'm sure things have changed since the 1970's. Do I need a passport now or do the airlines prohibit flying with a newborn?

    I want to do the exact same thing, while I DO get paid, but probably around Christmas time, so the baby will be 5 months, or Carnival when he's about 7!

    My mama took me there when I was a few months with no issues, back in 1980, so it's do-able.

    I hope it works out for you - let me know if there is anything special that needs to be done!
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    yeah, you need a passport to travel out of the country, even for a newborn, i would not travel at all without a birth certificate!

    It takes 6-12 weeks to get a birth certificate...we had to have a rush put on S's and even then it took 5 weeks.

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    Like babywavy, I would probably avoid the plane for 6 weeks or so, just because of the germs. Also, I remember at a couple of weeks post-partum, walking around the block tired me out. And I had a pretty easy delivery. Don't underestimate the toll it will take on your body the first few weeks, especially with sleep deprivation to boot.

    After a couple of moths, though, no problem. A little baby is actually easier to travel with than a toddler. They are much easier to contain and keep happy.
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    We travelled "internationally" from the US to Canada when Karan was 2.5 months old. It was a completely unplanned trip (family emergency). We did need his birth certificate - we had paid extra to have it express processed (otherwise it can take months) but we didn't need a passport. The birth certificate has the parents' names and we were both travelling with our own passports.

    If you are travelling without the father, you'll need a letter from him stating that you have his permission to take the child out of the country. I've travelled a few times with Karan alone that they've consistently asked to see the letter.

    I guess I'm a nervous sort - I'd wait until 6 months to take a child overseas because I'd worry about bugs and the water and access to good healthcare (and immunizations).

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    I would personally not make any plans that cannot be changed. If (heaven forbid) you were to have an emergency while delivering, you may not be able to get around as easily as you would like to post partum.
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    I was so tired. I can not imagine travling anywhere with a baby that small. Besides the funky plane germ/screaming baby factor - ugh, just too tired. Should you end up having a section, you so will not be up to that.

    Ok, now I feel like a big whiney party pooper. Really, I am sorry. I hope you feel great, go, and have a wonderful time.
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    webbie--youre going to be a badass mom
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    Good question Webbie! We were wondering when to take a trip back to the states so everyone could meet the baby for the first time! I didn't really want to wait a loooong time, b/c everyone is already really anxias about when they get to see him/her. I guess if we do have to wait a while, it will give my husband some time to aquire some more leave days...
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    I have no idea about the legalities of passports and such, but...

    If you exclusively breastfeed, I wouldn't worry about germs. Baby gets all your immunities. And since you're planning a homebirth, your risk of c-sec is drastically reduced, so you should be good to go fairly soon after birth. Enjoy!
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    I'm taking a trip with Evan a week from this comming Friday- so he will just be over 3 months. While we're not travelling internationally, I still needed to get his birth certificate. I order it last Monday and it was ready the next day.

    Babies can pretty much fly at any age. We flew out to B.C. when my younger brother was less than two weeks old.
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    I'm taking a trip with Evan a week

    I have an Evan! He'll be 15 in a few weeks.

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