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My chiro posted this and I thought it was interesting and thought I'd share.



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    Interesting Delma. The patients that we see in the hospital are usually suffering from renal failure, so it makes sense. I don't think acetaminophen is much better, although it's cleared by the liver. Are they suggesting that you just let the fever run it's course?
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    I wondered that too and I'm not really sure, perhaps finding alternative therapies to reduce fever is the suggestion?
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    I guess it depends on how high the fever is.

    I agree that many people overmedicate in many different ways. The second the child gets a fever, has a cold, constant use of antibiotics and steriods, etc, etc - and don't get me started on vaccines.

    If my children have a low fever, I let it run it's course. I make sure they're at least given plenty of fluids if they don't feel like eating, and lots of rest. If I medicate my children, they feel better, and being kids, they want to get up and run around. There isn't any resting and recooperating being done.

    Once it gets up to 102, that's when I start trying to bring it down. I also keep from giving them baths until after the really sick time, or fever has gone down.

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